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"Your Fit Matters"

Mit mehr als 35 Jahren Erfahrung in der Golf-Industrie, gilt Tom Wishon als einer der Branchenführer in der Erforschung von neuen Golfschläger-Designs und Clubfitting-Technologien. Er ist verantwortlich für die Entwicklung von mehr als 50 neuen Golfschläger-Design-Technologien sowie für zahlreiche Entdeckungen in der Wissenschaft der Golfschläger Performance.

The difference between the off the shelf clubs and the precision mounted, custom fit golf clubs you will get from a Wishon clubmaker is huge – you can be assured that you are playing to the very best of your ability, and gaining the most from your golf equipment.

Clubfitting is the process of being fitted according to all of your unique, individual swing characteristic – the 12 key specifications which determine your bespoke fit, can help you immeasurably in delivering more distance, more fairways and greens hit in regulation, a higher percentage of on centre shots, and greater shotmaking consistency to reduce the effect of mistakes in your swing.

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